It is our honor to proudly present our company, our talented team , and our products.
Having in mind the products we have developed or in whose development we have taken part, we dare to say:

We are one of the leading Bulgarian software development companies!

This claim is strongly supported by our state-of-the-art products established firmly on the American software market. Further support for our claim comes from the fact that we work with the latest technologies and techniques and that the quality of the products is our primary concern.
This is the time and place to offer our suggestion for those of you who are professionals and like challenges to become one of us.

Please take some time and patience to review the information we provide. Due to the slow Internet connections between ISP's in Bulgaria this site, though made with love and ambition, has as little graphics and other traffic hampering elements as possible.

Enjoy surfing through our site!

Stefan Shivarov
General Manager


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Date Modified: Tuesday, March 12, 2002